Driving with a Suspended License

In New York State, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the Third Degree (AUO3) is the official name of the charge for driving with a suspended license. It is a misdemeanor criminal charge that is codified in Section 511 of Vehicle & Traffic Law. A conviction of this charge carries a maximum fine of $500 + $93 surcharge. More importantly, it will give the defendant a criminal record and the possibility of jail time.

Not to be Confused with Unlicensed Operator

AUO3 should not be confused with the charge of Unlicensed Operator (VTL 509-1). AUO3 is a criminal charge and Unlicensed Operator is a traffic violation. Sometimes motorists are charged with AUO3 and Unlicensed Operator. Sometimes motorists are just charged with Unlicensed Operator where they could have been charged with AUO3. A conviction of Unlicensed Operator will not leave you with a criminal record but will leave you with a violation on your driving record. Car insurance companies can increase their insurance rates with such a violation on the driving record. While less serious than an AUO3, a 509-1 should still be handled properly, preferably with an attorney.

Suspended License vs. Suspended Privileges

There is no legal difference between someone who has a suspended license and someone who has suspended privileges. Suspended License refers to someone with a New York driver’s license. Suspended Privileges refers to someone with an out-of-state license. Technically, New York State cannot suspend the driver’s license of an out-of-state motorist. The most they can do is suspend their privileges to drive in New York. However, for all legal purposes, they are the same.

Benjamin Goldman Law Office

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office is a New York State law firm. We practice criminal defense and traffic ticket defense. Our firm practices across New York State. The lawyers at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office should be able to help with any charges that result from a traffic stop. We can help with serious charges like DWI and Reckless Driving, to simple matters like speeding, and driving with an expired inspection.

Defense of Driving with a Suspended License

The attorneys at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office have helped hundreds of motorists facing such criminal charges. We like to be known for our aggressive and diligent defense of our clients. We do our utmost to ensure that our clients do not end up with a criminal record. Depending on the court and the circumstances, it is also possible that we will be able to go to court in the place of our clients. You can contact us at your convenience to discuss your case. At the Benjamin Goldman Law Office, consultations are always free.

Other Traffic Violations We Handle

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