New York City Red Light Ticket VTL 1111 (d)1

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

In city areas, a frequently issued traffic citation is for a violation of VTL 1111 (d)1. This is more commonly known as a red-light ticket. It alleges that the motorist entered and drove through an intersection after the light turned red.

The first step is to determine whether it is a camera ticket or a ticket issued at a traffic stop. Camera tickets just carry a fine. They do not go on a driving record, do not affect your license, and do not impact your insurance rates. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office does not handle camera tickets.

If you received a red-light ticket at a traffic stop then it is more serious. The fine is higher than the usual fine, $278 as opposed to $138. With other violations on the driving record there is a possibility that you will be required to pay an additional Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. The most significant cost of this infraction is your car insurance rates. Car insurance companies typically raise their rates significantly with a red-light ticket on your driving record.

If you received a red-light ticket from a traffic stop and want to review your options, you can reach out to the attorneys at the Benjamin Goldman Law Office. Our firm provides motorists with free consultations.

The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has been in operation since 2011. We are primarily dedicated to traffic ticket defense. Our firm has successfully fought many red-light charges with various procedural and legal tactics. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office will be glad to take on your case.