Speeding Ticket, General

Published on 8/16/2017

At some point in your life, you will probably receive a speeding ticket. There are a variety of factors that influence how much you will be affected by this ticket. The rate of speed, location of violation, circumstances of the stop, your driving history, your age, your license status, and your insurance carrier, all may determine how your ticket will impact your bottom line.

For example, a speeding conviction for going 5 miles per hour over the limit will be a drastically different experience for a conviction for going 27 miles per hour over. The presence of prior convictions or an accident will exacerbate any and all consequences. Points assigned for speeding tickets can range from 3 to 11, and stack consecutively on each other. If a driver receives 11 points or more within 18 months they will be suspended. Furthermore, if you are convicted of a 3 speed related matter, and/or 3 driving related misdemeanors within this time period (even if they do not add up to 11 points), you will be suspended.

These penalties will apply to you even if you’ve only received the qualifying tickets in one day at the same stop. It is imperative for drivers to never plead guilty to their tickets, especially if they have previous violations on their records. Every moving violation, even a low-level two-point ticket such as Disobeying a Traffic Control Device, will result in points being added to your license. Receiving 6 or more points within this 18 month period will earn you a Driver Responsibility Assessment from the DMV. Drivers with 6 points will automatically have to pay a $300 fine, with an additional $75 fine for every additional point.

The same penalties apply to out-of-state drivers. Just passing through New York is not a defense to not dealing with your tickets. States have reciprocity with each other and can view records through their respective databases. Unanswered tickets and convictions will follow you to your home state.

Traffic attorneys deal with every ticket imaginable all day. While the process might be new and scary to a driver, it is not to a trained attorney. Attorneys know how to analyze the charge and the face of the ticket, and apply the necessary law to get the best result possible. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office has 12+ years of experience and proven results. We handle thousands of tickets in various jurisdictions all over New York State. If you need an experienced New York speeding ticket attorney, our results speak for themselves.

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