Multiple Traffic Tickets in 18 Months

Published on 10/10/2013
Updated on 6/7/2024

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does several different calculations of tickets that you received within an 18-month period. The consequences of the calculation can range from additional driver assessment fees to permanent revocation. Some typical scenarios are as follows:

  • 6 Points in 18 Months.
    If you receive 6 points or more in 18 months, you have to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.
  • 11 Points in 18 Months.
    Receiving 11 points towards your license will generally result in a license suspension in New York State (with some exceptions). A suspension in one state may carry over into another state.
  • 3 Speeding Tickets in 18 Months.
    Receiving three speeding tickets within an 18-month period will result in a motorist’s license being revoked. This means you will lose your driving privileges completely. To get your privileges back you will have to reapply from scratch after a minimum of 6 months. Your subsequent application may or may not be granted.

The calculation of charges within 18 months is somewhat complex. Motorists (and their attorneys) often make drastic errors due to a misunderstanding of how the violations in 18 months are calculated. Whereas if handled properly the motorist would have no action taken against their license, a miscalculation can cost a motorist their driving privileges.

Urban Myth About Adjourning Cases

One of the most common urban legends is that adjourning cases for more than 18 months from the date of the violation means you are avoiding the consequences of the 18-month calculation. This issue comes up often with traffic tickets being adjudicated in New York City’s Traffic Violations Bureau. Cases in this court usually do not get finalized before 18 months have passed since the date of violation. Taking action based on this myth often leads to drastic results.

Example of 18 Months Miscalculation

The 18-month calculation is limited to violations that you received in one 18-month span for which you were convicted at some point. For example, if you receive speeding tickets on 01/01/2023, 01/01/2024, and 05/01/2024, your license will be revoked because you received three speeding tickets in 17 months. Obviously, you can only get revoked if you are convicted of all three speeding tickets. However, none of the convictions have to take place within the same 18 months. Using the same example, say you adjourn (“push off”) the 3rd speeding ticket you received on 05/01/2024 to a trial date on 05/01/2027 and are convicted on 05/01/2027. You did not avoid revocation because you “pushed it off” for more than 18 months. Your license will be revoked in 2027 for the three speeding tickets that you received in 2023 and 2024. This is not an opinion – this is a fact.

Importance of Retaining a Traffic Ticket Attorney

The above is just one example of miscalculating the 18 months for a specific scenario. There are a number of other scenarios where taking the wrong advice can result in loss of driving privileges. If you have a lot of points on your record or have points pending it is imperative that you consult with a traffic ticket attorney. By “traffic ticket attorney” I mean someone whose main area of practice is traffic ticket defense, not a real estate attorney who also does traffic tickets on the side. There are techniques to avoiding the serious consequences of multiple tickets in 18 months but only if handled properly by an attorney whose primary area of practice is traffic ticket defense.

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