The List of Little-Known Consequences of Driving with A Suspended License In New York

Written By: Benjamin Goldman, Esq.

Driving with a suspended license leads to serious penalties and life-long consequences for the driver. Many drivers assume that the harshest long-term consequence they face is further suspension or having their license revoked, but this is not the case.

The State of New York takes driving with a suspended license seriously. A person driving with a suspended license will face aggravated unlicensed operation charges, a criminal offense. Fines are the least of your concerns as an offender, and even potential jail time is less worrisome as first-time offenders can typically avoid jail time (repeat offenders are a different story and may have to serve time in jail).

There are little-known consequences that are a true concern for anyone caught driving with a suspended license in New York. These are consequences that may follow you for years – or your entire life.

1. Criminal Record

Your criminal record will follow you for a lifetime. Many offenders assume that since they were not put in jail, they will not have long-lasting consequences from a misdemeanor (the lowest charge for driving with a suspended license in New York).

The issue is that even a misdemeanor charge will stay on your criminal record. These collateral consequences can make it very hard for you to get:

  • A medical license
  • An attorney license
  • A job in law enforcement

These are consequences that will follow you around perpetually. One simple mistake or a joy ride on a suspended license will stay with you for the rest of your life.

New York does not expunge criminal convictions so do not rely on that route. In New York, according to the American Bar Association Database, a person with a misdemeanor charge may have 353 consequences as a result of their conviction. You can be denied your security guard instructor certificate renewal, or be ineligible to be a caregiver or even a volunteer at a daycare home.

These are life-long consequences that you will face unless your attorney can get your misdemeanor charge lowered.

2. Insurance Issues and Damage

New Yorkers pay enough for automobile insurance ($2,700 on average) but driving on a suspended license will cause even higher payments to be required. Insurance companies keep an in-depth record of policyholders, and one of the biggest red flags is a person that has driven with a suspended license.

You are considered a risk.A lifetime of higher premiums will be the result of driving under a suspended license.

These little-known consequences are lifetime punishments for driving with a suspended license. Your best course of action is seeking the help of an attorney.

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