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Out-of-State Motorists Unaware they are Suspended in New York.

It happens often that an out-of-state driver does not know that their New York privileges are suspended. They get pulled over, a police officer runs their record, and they are arrested for driving with suspended privileges.

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VTL 401 No Registration/Expired Registration

A ticket for no-registration (VTL 401) is a frequently issued ticket. Most of the time, the no-registration comes about from a failure to renew an expired registration.

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Cell Phone Tickets, General

While most people know (or should know) that you cannot text and drive, the parameters of what you can and cannot do on your phone are not well understood.

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Speeding Ticket, General

At some point in your life, you will probably receive a speeding ticket. There are a variety of factors that influence how much you will be affected by this ticket.

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2022 NYC Traffic Tickets Statistics

The days before the New Year are always a time for reflection. As we prepare to enter 2023, it’s nice to look back on the most frequent traffic stops and citations in New York City in the 2022 NYC Traffic Tickets Statistics.

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Fix it Tickets in New York

A “fix-it ticket” is pretty much what it sounds like. An officer will pull you over for some type of problem with your vehicle- this can range from an unsatisfactory license plates to significant mechanical problems.

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